For adults in Scouting there is an opportunity to work with young people in the community who are aged 6 upwards.

This opportunity will not only allow you to help develop the future of these young people and their future contribution to your area but will also be a lot of fun!

There is a very close network of adult volunteers already working in 1st Port Sea Scouts and throughout Ireland that will help you develop and integrate socially when you join.

Full training is provided and no prior experience is required!

Do you have a passion for the outdoors? Do you see a healthy and active lifestyle as essential to a happy life? Well why not instill that love for the outdoors and that healthier lifestyle in the young people you work with? Want to develop a community spirit in the local youth? That’s one of Scouting’s main goals.

To discuss your options, please email us and we’ll talk you through the process.