1st Port of Dublin Sea Scouts has a long history which traces back to the first Scout meetings in Ireland in 1908.

1st Port provides adventure, team building and friendship using outdoor activities and maritime traditions.

Sea Scouting builds resilience, citizenship and a lifelong commitment to and appreciation of volunteering. Water safety, adventure and shared experiences are at the heart of all we do.

The group was re-opened in 2016 after about 15 years of dormancy, having been in development since 2014.

We currently have a Cub Scout section and a Sea Scout section (called after 1st Port’s founder, Captain Fortune). Places in 1st Port are in very high demand, and we are always recruiting volunteers to support the adventure.

Fill in the form linked at the top to join our waiting list!

We welcome new members from Ukraine. Ми вітаємо людей з України. We stand in solidarity with Scouting in Ukraine at this difficult time.

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